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by Freddie Sayers
Monday, 21
October 2019

The truth about immigration in Sweden

Freddie Sayers talks to Swedish activist Siavosh Derakhti about antisemitism and violence in Malmö
by Freddie Sayers

Within a few short years, Sweden has moved from being the pin-up example of liberals and social democrats to being a favourite example of Right-wing nationalists of the dangers of immigration.

So what’s the truth?

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I sat down with activist Siavosh Derakhti, a campaigner against antisemitism within his own muslim community in Malmö, the southern Swedish city with by far the largest refugee and immigrant communities, to get a first-hand view. In the interview he

  • describes his work against rising antisemitism and holocaust denial among the Middle-Eastern community in Malmö
  • describes the difficulties Sweden has had absorbing such high numbers of immigrants (almost 10,000 weekly at its peak, in a country of 9m people), including high numbers of teenage gang members
  • says he respects all the parties in Sweden including the Right-wing Swedish Democrats, and that they have already moved the centre
  • says that border control is important, and that he supports the recent decision to police the border (against Schengen rules)
  • says that people are scared of a Jeremy Corbyn victory as he has a reputation of being ‘antisemitic in his mouth’
  • predicts that other countries will follow the UK out of the EU

Have a watch…

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