by UnHerd
Monday, 20
April 2020

Swedish epidemiologist interview goes global

Our interview with Prof Johan Giesecke has been viewed over 500,000 times
by UnHerd

Our interview on Friday with Swedish epidemiologist Johan Giesecke has truly gone global.

Between views on the site, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, more than half a million people watched it over the weekend.

Swedish newspaper Expressen ran a story (see below) on Giesecke’s critique of other countries — “not a shred of evidence — tears into UK U-turn”. It was covered by outlets as various as RealClearPolitics in the US and Guido Fawkes in the UK. Freddie Sayers did an interview with Canada’s NewsTalk1010, and will be doing more interviews throughout the week.

Swedish newspaper Expressen: Giesecke’s critique of other countries

We’ll be following up with more agenda-setting interviews, so stay tuned. And you can catch up on the Giesecke interview above, if you missed it.

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  • Immunity passports so the only way to get out prison and get a job or do anything is to ensure you catch the flu.

  • Congratulations to UnHerd on an interview that has had such an impact, so quickly. This seems to be a rare example of the truth going around the world before the lies can get their boots on.

  • I listen to Canada’s NewsTalk1010 once in a while, and searched for the Freddie Sayers interview on their website, but couldn’t find it there. There have been a number of stories relating to Sweden’s contrarian COVID-19 policy in the Toronto-based National Post, but without mention of either Freddie or Professor Giesecke.
    Professor Giesecke mentioned the over-representation of refugees with poor Swedish in Swedish nursing homes as a factor in the number of infections in nursing homes there. The April 14 issue with his protegé, Anders Tegnell, suggested that Swedish refugee policies may have influenced its COVID-19 stats in other ways: “People born in Somalia are clearly over-represented in the infection statistics: this group constitutes just under one percent of the population at large but is almost five percent of those infected”¦ Socioeconomics is a big part of this. We know that these people have not integrated so well into society and that socioeconomics are playing a part – we know this from the USA, for example.” Canadian journos would howl in unison like demented banshees if one of our public health experts ever said anything so unpolitically correct as this. I suppose it must be different in Sweden.

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