by UnHerd
Friday, 29
January 2021

Special report: is closing schools immoral?

Current and former teachers speak out on the true impact on children
by UnHerd

For much of the past year, across Europe and the wider world, schools have been closed. Was this a morally justifiable policy?

We spoke to teachers and one former teacher, now MP, to find out: what is the reality on the ground? What is the impact on children’s lives? At the end of it do we think it was the right decision? Katharine Birbalsingh, Headmistress of the Michaela Community School in northwest London. Miriam Cates MP, Conservative MP and former science teacher and Alex Gutentag, a public school teacher from Oakland in California.

Each of them comes to a different conclusion but they agree on one thing: the impact on children of such an extended period of school closures is very grave.

Many thanks to Katharine, Miriam and Alex for sharing their thoughts so candidly.

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