by Freddie Sayers
Wednesday, 11
November 2020

Prof Tim Spector: hopes of a vaccine will lead to more lockdowns

The epidemiologist and ZOE app founder shares his concerns
by Freddie Sayers

Podcast version:

One of the most interesting sources of data for the progress of the Covid-19 pandemic has been the ZOE app — downloaded by over 4.3 million people, who input symptoms and test results every day.

Its founder is Professor Tim Spector, an epidemiologist from KCL, and the app is now funded by the Government and Number Ten receives daily data from it. He received an OBE for services to fighting the pandemic earlier this year.

The ZOE app made headlines recently for demonstrating quite conclusively that the number of daily infections was already levelling off and even coming down in some areas of England at the end of October, prior to the second national lockdown. It painted a very different picture from the apocalyptic scenarios described in the Prime Minister’s briefing.

Professor Spector was refreshingly outspoken when I interviewed him yesterday. He said

  • Had the Government followed data from the ZOE app they would not have gone into a second lockdown, which he believes was unnecessary
  • The Government is tilted too much in the direction of caution and has lost a balanced sense of proportion
  • He is worried that they will use the new vaccine news as a “carrot” to keep us locked down for the next three months, when he believes it will likely take most of the year to get enough people vaccinated
  • He understands people’s concerns about such a new vaccine, and ZOE will be tracking any side effects from vaccinated people via its app


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  • The Government spent millions building 3 entirely new Covid hospitals and yet managed not to calculate the staffing they would require should they actually be called into action. So beds ain’t the problem!!!

  • It’s more than borderline criminal. There are, or were lawyers and docs collaborating to bring crimes against humanity against some of these ‘leaders’ who have had alternatives based on sound data from before day 1.
    I watched Hancock tell lies in the house about ‘herd immunity being a falsehood’ to promote his ‘suppression and lockdown’ strategy, despite being appraised of alternatives with absolutely watertight data. That is criminal in itself, probably with protection of the house to prevent any litigation. And that’s only one of many.

  • Do you? Do we live so as to do things for other people? Even when they might be bad for us? The answer is NO to all the questions.

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