by Freddie Sayers
Wednesday, 18
September 2019

Miranda Green’s tough love for the Lib Dems

by Freddie Sayers

A final word on the Liberal Democrats, from the FT’s Miranda Green. Formerly Paddy Ashdown’s press secretary, she had some tough words to share at a IPPR/UK in a Changing Europe fringe event packed with Lib Dem activists.

“What happened to the Liberal Democrats as the rational party? What of the Lib Dems as a gathering point? And the principle of compromise, where we learn to live together?”

“I am very worried about the Lib Dems ending up on one side of a polarised culture war, representing urban areas, the educated, the young, the prosperous etc.”

“This is a decision taken for election time. It’s not a decision taken in a calm, rational, what’s-best-for-the-country way.”

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