by UnHerd
Wednesday, 22
July 2020

John Gray: this moment is bigger than 1989

The philosopher puts today's political turmoil in historical context
by UnHerd

Freddie Sayers asks philosopher John Gray (see his piece today) whether we are living through a moment of great change, akin to 1989, 1968, 1917, 1848…

His answer? The changes across the world — and the retreat of the universalist ideal to reveal a world of competing civilizational zones, may be more significant for humankind than any of those previous moments.

He touches on parallels between today’s woke movement and medieval millenarianism, his break with the Thatcherites, and how the world is becoming more ‘Game of Thrones’.

Don’t miss this fascinating 45 minute tour de force, steeped in knowledge and with a sweeping context, from one of the most important thinkers of the day. Have a watch above (and apologies for the poor sound quality)…

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  • I take my suggestions back – – keep it simple and the brand together, call it UnHerd TV.

  • I would recommend sticking with Lockdown TV because while the channel was born in the unprecedented pandemic physical lockdowns, the broader spirit is the willingness to push back against the anti-liberal proclivity of many of today’s elites to Lock Down discussion and debate, even when thoughtfully and respectfully done. That intellectual lockdown won’t be ended soon. So I turn to Lockdown TV to hear smart people who don’t follow the herd.

  • I quite enjoyed Mr. Gooch’s timely article and commend him for stepping out to share his views on civics, civility and the the importance he aptly accords respect and dignity in interpersonal and public discourse. I would add that he is indeed courageous to express himself publicly in defence of good manners and constructive dialogue. I regret having to refer to his actions as “brave” but such are the troubled times, now more frequently giving rise to anarchy, relating to the dynamics and essence of free speech, political correctness, woke and peaceful assembly, in which we live.

    Yes, many issues have come to the fore, and rightly so, which cry out for resolution, relating to racism, inclusiveness, diversity, equality, justice, human rights, poverty, opportunity, geopolitics and the economy.

    Only with open minds and “good manners” can we hope to move constructively forwards and realize the remarkable potential of humanity to live in harmony and create an environment accommodating to all.

    Lastly, we owe the UnHerd staff a great debt of gratitude in creating an “agora” in which unfettered, and I may add, civil, expression and debate, can flower.

    Thank you!

    Dr. Andrew Nellestyn
    OStJ CD PhD PEng
    Ottawa, Canada.

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