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Wednesday, 17
February 2021

Joe Biden’s easy ride with reporters

Trump or no Trump, America's press looks in bad shape
by UnHerd
Joe Biden slugging it out with reporters

Following Donald Trump’s departure from the White House, journalists across America breathed a collective sigh of relief. After four years of feeling “burnt out” by the psychic trauma of Trump’s presidency, now was finally time that they could “get back to normalcy” and report on a “mostly, a normal, sane, empathetic presidential voice. FINALLY”.

The bravery of these indefatigable reporters notwithstanding, it is heartening to see that they are FINALLY ready to get back to the business of reporting. The Fourth Estate’s role in holding the president to account is, after all, one of the core pillars of democracy — so how have they been getting on? Below is a selection of some of the most fearless, agenda-shattering stories that we have seen during Biden’s term in office so far:

Newsweek: ‘Joe Biden, Playing as Luigi, Wins in Mario Kart Race Against Granddaughter at Camp David’ (readers will be relieved to hear that the President’s Secret Service detail made an exception and let him drive)

CNN: ‘Inside the new President’s routine: Oval Office fires and early bedtimes’ (Presidents have a busy schedule and Joe Biden is no different; he’s “often seen carrying a stack of binders or manila folders under one arm” as he returns to his residence by 7 pm)

USA Today: ‘First lady Jill Biden decorates White House lawn with giant hearts for Valentine’s Day’ (Apparently, Jill and Joe “joked about which one loves the other more and kept an eye on their dogs while chatting with reporters” as the First Lady serenaded her husband with heart-shaped messages of “Healing,” “Compassion” and “Hope.” )

Politico: ‘”It just symbolizes everything”: Bidens bring presidential PDA back to the White House’ (As America passed the 500,000 mark for Covid-related deaths, “Presidential scholars and relationship experts agrees that the first couple’s PDA carries a great deal of unspoken significance for Americans at this particular moment in history.”)

Financial Times: ‘The new codes of White House dressing’ (“In DC, the new president took the oath of office dressed from head to toe in Ralph Lauren, the iconic American designer, in another signal of a return to tradition and bipartisanship.” God bless Ralph Lauren)

Democracy doesn’t die in the darkness, it dies in deference.

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  • Has President Biden received the Nobel Peace prize yet? And if not, why not.
    The Sycophant Examiner.

  • Much likeDemocrats wanting guaranteed outcomes for people, (just not white, middle to upper class people), modern day journalists are warriors for a cause. The cause is not truth, it is the ideal of a world as they want it, not a world as it is. They no longer report stories, they craft stories. Journalism as I knew it, once used to p***k the fingers of the powerful. p***k the ballon of hypocrisy. Report on the corruption of Government. No longer because Government is the hammer they want to use to mold our nation and world in to their view. It is how, Joe Biden can say, (to paraphrase) “China is different than us, they hold a different view.” Indeed, their view is that the Uighurs are theirs to do with what they want. So in Joe Biden view genocide of the Uighurs is Chinas business….and journalists go along because Joe Biden is “woke” and do our bidding. Journalist are not embarrassed by their lack of accountability, not at all as they have a higher calling. A mission. “You will be assimilated, we are the Borg”

  • It isn’t just America….In Scotland today there is a giant boulder of a scandal rolling through the Scottish body politic, SNP, Nicola Sturgeon’s personal office and aides, the Civil Service and even a compliant legislature (with a joke of an inquiry stumbling on) and the judiciary.

    Yrt it is of apparently zero interest to the Scottish media, and especially the broadcast media; STV and BBC Scotland.

    It is like Watergate without Woodward and Bernstein the Washington Post or any other remotely curious journalists.
    Some of the Covid political broadcasts by Ms Sturgeon have been such a long succession of questions begged, and asnswers risible that one half expects to see an audience warmer-upper hold up applause cards for the reporters, and hear them applaud and holler when they see them.

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