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Wednesday, 3
November 2021
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Insulate Britain founder’s extremist manifesto

Roger Hallam argues that action needs to be fearless and illegal
by UnHerd News
Roger Hallam wrote: ‘Action needs to be dramatic, epic, outrageous, fearless and illegal’

Environmental activist Roger Hallam, co-founder of both Extinction Rebellion and Insulate Britain, has published an extraordinary 20 page treatise calling on young people to take illegal direct action to save their generation from ‘annihilation’. It paints an apocalyptic vision of the effects of climate change, prophesying that a failure to act will lead to their deaths and complete social breakdown:

The endpoint of social collapse then is war played out in every city, every neighbourhood, every street. This is what’s going to happen to your generation, and this appalling situation is liable to become commonplace. A gang of boys will break into your house demanding food. They will see your mother, your sister, your girlfriend, and they will gang rape her on the kitchen table.
- Roger Hallam

Hallam, who wrote the letter while he was in prison on suspicion of flying drones around Heathrow Airport last year, said he delayed publication so that it could find the right audience. Explaining that the Radical Left and Liberal Left had failed in the efforts to save the environment over the last 30 years, the activist demanded that the young take a fresh approach to non-violent direct action:

Action needs to be dramatic, epic, outrageous, fearless and illegal. Think of your most ambitious idea and times it by 10…Feel the fear, put it to one side, and do it anyway. It will be glorious. It will make you a hero, and most importantly it might just save your generation from hell. Remember, everyone around you will think it’s a terrible idea…
- Roger Hallam

Continuing the terrifying tone, Hallam warns that sooner or later young people will ‘feel the terror and horror of what is to come’:

It’s about mental collapse, the loss of all your dreams and being dragged off to be slaughtered in war. It is about being brutalised, it’s about rape and slow starvation, ending in early death for the thousands of millions of young people around the world today.
- Roger Hallam

Hallam insists that he does not advocate violence, which ‘only poisons hearts’, but instead hopes to radically subvert the nation state, which is where ‘power lies’:

Power lies in the nation state, in the state government, this is where the rules are actually made. This is where people facilitate the genocide that’s coming. Close down the stage, and the power will come to the table. Find the physical choke points of the system, the times and the places where evil resides and does its bidding, and choke them.
- Roger Hallam

For decades, Roger Hallam has been involved in various forms of radical environmental protest, leading at times to stints in prison. But over the last two years, the activist has changed tack, leaving behind historically Left-leaning environmental groups to make a pitch to social conservatives and centrists. In a conversation with UnHerd last year, he told Freddie Sayers that “disruption isn’t anti-conservative” and argued that conservatives should not be afraid to embrace radical environmentalism. 

Whether conservatives will be attracted by his latest broadside remains to be seen.

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  • Maybe the next suggestion will be that the West should invade China in order to shut down its coal fired power stations ?

  • Clearly fixated on rape. His discourse is all about violence, aggression, wounding and killing. He needs psychiatric help. The scenarios he waves around are eco-disaster porn. Pitiful, but dangerous. The sort of people who flock to demagogues often perceive their madness as a gateway to privileged enlightenment.

  • Best post.

    Because he is obviously a deluded, Narcissist, Sociopath out to do as much harm as possible, and naturally for the ‘Greater Good’ as that excuse if needed to mask his real wishes. Antifa are exactly this kind, and a society run by him and his ilk would be the darkest and poorest imaginable.

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