by UnHerd
Wednesday, 17
June 2020

Gad Saad: cancel culture is dangerous and anti-liberal

Freddie Sayers chats to the evolutionary psychologist about identity politics
by UnHerd

Freddie Sayers chats to Canadian evolutionary psychologist Gad Saad, who explains how wokeness has infected the BLM and trans movements, the ‘cancerous’ effects of identity politics and why Donald Trump, not Joe Biden, is the rational choice for president.

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  • Interesting and enjoyable interview. One element that drives the ‘cancelling’ wave is the lack of accountability brought to bear on those making the decisions. As individuals we can all play a part in pushing back against this damaging toxic wave, but without leaders giving out strong messages to organisations, in particular universities, that their decisions will be subject to challenge and sanctions, then the easy option is to join the mob

  • Freddie, thank you for your interview with my compatriot, Gad Saad. It was a pity that when Saad steered the conversation to our PM, the world’s most infamous blackface hobbyist, Justin Trudeau, you quickly veered to a discussion of Trump, as absolutely no national leader in the world today is a more caricatural representative of the woke left than Justin Trudeau. After Trudeau ruined the G7 Summit at Charlevoix that he hosted, Trump, with his genius for apt putdowns, called him “very dishonest and weak”, and this is pretty much the last word on the man. When Trudeau was asked a question in his daily press conference about how Trump was handling the anti-racism riots in the US, he smirked and waited 21 seconds before answering, then gave a nothing response. Very dishonest and weak, indeed. I’m sure Saad had much more to say on the subject of Trudeau. You should invite him back for another interview.

  • Marvellous interview. I’ve always considered myself as a “liberal” but was surprised that I was glad Trump won 2016 and now hope he’ll win 2020…….and I’m Canadian. You are so right about Trudeau also. The cancel culture is truly frightening.

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