by Freddie Sayers
Saturday, 4
September 2021

Denmark overtakes Sweden as the restriction-free Nordic nation

The government no longer considers Covid-19 a critical threat to society
by Freddie Sayers
The Öresund bridge linking Denmark and Sweden was closed earlier in the pandemic. Credit:Getty

Denmark, a country whose approach earlier in the Covid pandemic was thought of as the opposite of Sweden, with early border restrictions and school closures, has now overtaken its neighbour as the most restriction-free country in Scandinavia.

An article in today’s Svenska Dagbladet, a Swedish broadsheet, observes:

It seems like an upside-down world all of a sudden: that the Danes, who at the start of the pandemic gave Swedish travellers the cold shoulder on the Öresund bridge and told them to turn back because Swedish Covid restrictions were too mild, are now letting go of the reins altogether.
- Svenska Dagbladet

Nightclubs in Denmark have been open since last week, and as of September 10th, guests will no longer need to show their “Coronapass” which serves as proof of vaccination or a recent negative test. Despite having higher case numbers than Sweden, all the remaining restrictions will be lifted — the Danish government no longer considers Covid-19 a ‘critical threat to society.’

Sweden is progressing more cautiously. The administration has set out a 5 stage plan for lifting restrictions, and stage 3 was passed on July 15th, including an end to the requirement to wear masks on public transport and an increase in permitted restaurant table sizes from 4 to 8.

Stage 4, including the removal of all restrictions on size of gatherings, was pencilled in for September but, as case numbers are gently rising in Sweden, the date has not yet been confirmed. Health officials have warned that it could be delayed further, with some restrictions lasting into next year.

Lone Simonsen, Professor of Epidemiology at Roskilde University in Denmark, told SvD:

The Swedes were on the right track earlier in the pandemic. Anders Tegnell said, “we’ll keep the schools open, we must be careful not to shut down society” and then managed to keep the epidemic under control throughout the summer of 2020. It’s a story that isn’t told often enough… We were really jealous here in Denmark, as we were stuck at home more.
- Professor Lone Simonsen

Meanwhile Norway, previously with the lowest Covid numbers in the region, is experiencing a sharp spike in infections. Thursday saw 1,785 new infections, the highest daily number since the start of the pandemic in spring 2020.

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  • Well, I come from the General Stark philosophy of ‘Live Free Or Die’.

    “Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.

    Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.

    He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither.

    Thomas Jefferson also said:
    He who gives his freedom for safety gets none of them. Thomas Jefferson”

    I tend to think is exceedingly likely that the vaccines will be gotten around, and become useless. The reason being it is not a ‘vaccine’, but an antigen which produces a single S Spike Protein antibody (RNA injected causes your cells to produce alien spike proteins like in the movie ‘Alien’ where it comes bursting out of you, and so your immune system makes antibodies to that ONE protein. The fact multi millions of vaccinated people are now infected with a billion viruses each – means the virus is evolving to get around that tightly targeted antibody.

    So what will NZ do if that continues? Another lockdown for more years? I see you love the freedom to hang out in bars, but so have the people in Florida and South Dakota and Sweden. I would not think I was free if allowed in bars but could not exit my own country, and return. That I could be imprisoned in my house if someone gets an infection!

    The current belief is that EVERYONE will get Covid – see youtube for Dr Campbell latest – the most popular vaccine doctor in the world. At least being infected gives wide spectrum resistance.

  • Lockdowns for most were a pointless endeavour, rather than preventing mass infections and pressure on the healthcare systems all it they achieved was pushing back the peak of the virus by a few weeks in most countries

  • Hold on a minute….I upvoted your post, yet I see a zero vote count…meaning some scoundrel must have down voted it.

    OOOhhh, these young whippersnappers….they wouldn’t get away with it in my day!

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