by Freddie Sayers
Monday, 5
April 2021

Dave Rubin: the next Governor of California?

In a teaser ahead of today's interview, the YouTuber spoke about a potential run...
by Freddie Sayers

At one moment during our fascinating conversation (interview out tomorrow 4pm UK time), I had a sudden realisation that YouTube star and interviewer Dave Rubin was sounding like a man with political ambitions. So I asked him outright. His comments don’t quite add up to a declaration that he is going to run for Governor of California, but there’s clearly some thinking going on in that direction. We’ve pasted the exchange below so you can make your own mind up.

Thanks to Dave for a great chat — don’t miss the full LockdownTV episode tomorrow…


FS: I suddenly thought – he’s going to run! Dave Rubin is going to become a politician. Tell me if there’s any truth in that? 

DR: There’s not no truth in it. But it is not my preferred way about doing this. I like communicating ideas… So look, we’re recalling Gavin Newsom, our Governor here in California… Basically, I hope that someone good will run… I hope that we get some decent people and I’ll raise money for them and all that. Do I particularly want to go into politics? You know it’s an evil game.

FS: Is it fair to say you’re thinking about it? In relation to that race?

DR: Look, it sits there because people ask me about it. And I think for now, at least for now, I mean this is truly the truth —

FS: If there’s a big announcement next week I’m going to be really upset, Dave. You’ve got to tell us now… 

DR: If there’s a big announcement next week, I will email you beforehand.

FS: Okay, well, “There’s not no truth in it”, I believe was the phrase. I think the technical term for that is a non-denial-denial, ladies and gentlemen.

DR: My God, that sounds like an answer of a politician, Jesus.

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  • I hope he doesn’t become governor of California. He’s doing more good in his current occupation. California politics will neuter him.

  • Don’t do it Dave! I watch some of your show almost every day and your interviews have helped to introduce me to many of the most interesting cultural/political figures in the US. You are far too nice – and intelligent – to go into politics.

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