by Freddie Sayers
Thursday, 2
July 2020

Coleman Hughes: The moral case against Black Lives Matter

by Freddie Sayers

It’s easy to dismiss anyone querying the Black Lives Matter movement as either pointlessly contrarian or — worse — actually racist. After all, who could object to the truism contained within the movement’s name?

But there are important questions to ask about what the facts show about the scale of ‘systemic racism’, and whether drawing attention to race in such an intense way ultimately advances or hurts Martin Luther King’s vision of people being judged “not by the colour of their skin but but the content of their character.”

Coleman Hughes is just 24 years old, but as a fellow of the Manhattan Institute and Contributing Editor of City Journal, has already established himself as a brave and distinctly level-headed voice during heated times.

It was a pleasure to talk to him, and hear his measured and fair assessment of race relations in America, and the effect of the wider BLM movement. Have a watch above…


  • July 14, 2020
    Here is the comment I posted on the Youtube page for this: This young man - half my age - is very well spoken indeed. And the set of questions that the Unherd commentator puts to him are well thought out as well. But, in total, both of them seem to be missing a few essential point(s) or lesson(s)... Read more

  • July 14, 2020
    well stated and I too at 24 was (mostly) concerned with The Pixies!! Read more

  • July 10, 2020
    I am filled with envy at the eloquence, intelligence, bravery, and wisdom displayed by Coleman at his young age. What I wouldn't give for his talents! I hope to hear more from him as he continues to develop and mature his theories and ideas. I'm glad to see that Coleman's views have found an... Read more

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