The anatomy of Evil

Sixty years after the trial of Adolf Eichmann, our contributors reflect on man's inhumanity

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Hamas has unleashed the West’s monsters

BY Jacob Howland / 6 mins

Are all terrorists monsters?

BY Terry Eagleton / 6 mins

Do Israel’s critics understand Evil?

BY Jacob Howland / 6 mins

Why should I love Hamas?

BY Giles Fraser / 4 mins

Lucy Letby was an NHS monster

BY Dr Emma Jones / 3 mins

This isn’t a war between good and evil

BY Ayaan Hirsi Ali / 4 mins

How Western elites exploit Ukraine

BY Arta Moeini / 8 mins

The empathy of Joseph Stalin

BY Boyd Tonkin / 7 mins

Norway doesn’t understand evil

BY Simon Cottee / 5 mins

The annihilation of Michel Houellebecq

BY Ann Manov / 8 mins

Lessons from a war zone

BY Aris Roussinos / 7 mins

Sex positivity’s hidden victims

BY Mary Harrington / 6 mins

Paedophilia is not progressive

BY Ayaan Hirsi Ali / 5 mins

Pop psychology has killed the villain

BY Dorian Lynskey / 5 mins

Lord of the Rings is better than Dune

BY Peter Franklin / 5 mins

The emptiness of Evil

BY Terry Eagleton / 6 mins

Mankind always needs a monster

BY Tanya Gold / 5 mins

Adolf Eichmann and me

BY Shaul Ladany / 4 mins

How Hitler killed the Devil

BY Tom Holland / 5 mins

Why ISIS love to kill

BY Simon Cottee / 5 mins

The calculated evil of Adolf Eichmann

BY Alexander Faludy / 8 mins