Slaying dragons

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Do we really have that much in common?

BY Trevor Phillips / 5 mins

Is there a future for English nationalism?

BY Paul Mason / 4 mins

We don’t need no secondary education

BY Geoff Norcott / 4 mins

The hideous spread of ‘spreadsheet architecture’

BY Peter Franklin / 5 mins

How Jane Austen makes fools of her fans

BY Tanya Gold / 3 mins

Slaying dragons: corrupt, anachronistic Gaullism

BY Nabila Ramdani / 4 mins

Slaying dragons: Britain’s national religion, the NHS

BY Nigel Cameron / 3 mins

Slaying dragons: Britain’s world-leading universities

BY James Kirkup / 4 mins

The toxic culture of clubby Lobby journalism

BY Marie Le Conte / 3 mins

Slaying dragons: Corbynism and its cabal of thugs

BY Julie Bindel / 3 mins

Slaying dragons: the demeaning quota system

BY Kate Andrews / 4 mins

Slaying dragons: the stifling British green belt

BY Ian Birrell / 4 mins

Slaying Dragons: Global Elite Condescension

BY Henry Olsen / 4 mins