Midterm watch

Two years after Trump, what does America want?

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What does America want?

BY Henry Olsen / 4 mins

How long can Trump hang on to the evangelicals?

BY Frances FitzGerald / 6 mins

Why non-voters matter most

BY Peter Franklin / 4 mins

If it’s tainted by Trump, Republicans won’t touch it

BY Jennifer Walsh / 4 mins

The midterms won’t end the mad melodrama of US politics

BY Henry Olsen / 4 mins

Will the Democrats claim the Indiana cliffhanger?

BY Paul Helmke / 5 mins

Could die-hard Republican Texas really turn Democrat?

BY Henry Olsen / 5 mins

Adventures in Trumpland

BY Ian Birrell / 8 mins

The battle for the soul of the Democratic party

BY Henry Olsen / 4 mins

Three state elections could seal Trump’s fate

BY Henry Olsen / 4 mins

Why Trump’s impeachment rests on the midterms

BY Henry Olsen / 4 mins

Are the midterms rigged for the Republicans?

BY Henry Olsen / 4 mins

Could the Democrats’ blue wave unseat Trump?

BY Amanda Whiting / 5 mins