Fake history

Why (almost) everything you thought you knew about history is wrong

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The history wars target Dahomey

BY Dominic Sandbrook / 7 mins

The myth of the anti-science Middle Ages

BY James Hannam / 5 mins

Mary, Queen of Scots was no tragic victim

BY Tracy Borman / 6 mins

The War was not Our Finest Hour

BY Peter Hitchens / 6 mins

The Scopes Monkey Trial was about racism, not god

BY Dennis Sewell / 7 mins

Magna Carta proves the English aren’t exceptional

BY Polly Mackenzie / 4 mins

Oliver Cromwell: conservative revolutionary

BY Paul Lay / 5 mins

Anne Boleyn: whore, witch or Cinderella?

BY Suzannah Lipscomb / 5 mins

The squalid myth of Dickensian London

BY Robert Tombs / 6 mins