UnHerd Book Club

Books to help make sense of a chaotic year

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How campus politics went global

BY Sarah Ditum / 6 mins

Charting the decline of the American Republic

BY Ed West / 10 mins

Was the British Empire a curse?

BY Matthew Sweet / 5 mins

The nerds who saw the dangers of Covid

BY Tom Chivers / 7 mins

Stop bad-mouthing the BBC

BY Sam Leith / 5 mins

The Left is paralysed by disgust

BY Justin Webb / 5 mins

The first black superhero of the modern age

BY Ralph Leonard / 6 mins

The technocratic tedium of modern politics

BY Dan Hitchens / 4 mins

How random are your politics?

BY Louise Perry / 4 mins

How will you remember this year?

BY Polly Mackenzie / 5 mins

Libertarianism never ends well

BY Mary Harrington / 5 mins