Christmas Reading 2018

There's nothing better than settling into a good book over the holidays. UnHerd's contributors recommend their some of their favourites

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Fighting hate speech with free speech

BY Ralph Leonard / 3 mins

Bayes should be the face of the new £50 note

BY Graeme Archer / 5 mins

A reading list for unorthodox economists

BY Victoria Bateman / 3 mins

Babe Ruth’s biography goes beyond baseball

BY Henry Olsen / 3 mins

Politics from the people’s perspective

BY Paul Embery / 3 mins

It’s no crime to come late to Dostoyevsky

BY Douglas Murray / 3 mins

Why Antifragile is the perfect read for today’s turmoil

BY Peter Franklin / 8 mins

Taking on the Social Justice Warriors

BY Eric Kaufmann / 4 mins

Why the Unabomber’s Manifesto is essential reading

BY Jamie Bartlett / 2 mins

Books that unveil the beauty in life’s bleakness

BY Jenny McCartney / 4 mins

Why you should read more history

BY Tom Chivers / 4 mins

A survivor’s guide to trauma

BY Bidisha / 3 mins

Understanding the ‘gilets jaunes’

BY John Lichfield / 3 mins

The writer whose books simply have to be shared

BY Polly Mackenzie / 3 mins