China (not Trump)

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China: not just an economic superpower

BY Peter Franklin / 3 mins

Xi’s power grab echoes China’s political struggles of old

BY Isabel Hilton / 5 mins

Only China can solve the North Korea problem – by inviting it to come underneath its own nuclear umbrella

BY Philip Bobbitt / 8 mins

The innovation game: Can China regain its lead over the West?

BY Peter Franklin / 3 mins

It’s full steam ahead for China in the naval arms race

BY Henry Olsen / 4 mins

As China pitches for reserve currency status, the era of US hegemony is ending

BY Liam Halligan / 8 mins

China has turned the internet into a tool of complete citizen control

BY Nigel Cameron / 4 mins

China’s rise has been stunning – and we shouldn’t be afraid of it

BY Michael Burleigh / 13 mins

China: unique in the world and longest-standing guardian of high civilisation

BY Michael Burleigh / 4 mins