Best of 2022

Our favourite pieces from the last year of UnHerd

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Peter Thiel on the dangers of progress

BY Mary Harrington / 13 mins

The curse of the Girlboss

BY Kat Rosenfield / 6 mins

Why the Tavistock had to fall

BY Kathleen Stock / 6 mins

The year of the femcel

BY Mary Gaitskill / 10 mins

Civil disobedience is coming

BY Thomas Fazi / 6 mins

Bob Dylan has no philosophy

BY Geoff Dyer / 6 mins

The fall of Seattle

BY T.A. Frank / 18 mins

Firewood will save the West

BY Paul Kingsnorth / 10 mins

Our Queen’s sacrifice

BY Helen Thompson / 5 mins

Humanism is a heresy

BY Tom Holland / 13 mins

Boris Johnson broke Britain

BY Aris Roussinos / 4 mins

Nick Cave’s divine rebirth

BY Dorian Lynskey / 6 mins

Inside the battle on the Eastern Front

BY David Patrikarakos / 10 mins

Why I stopped being a good girl

BY Hadley Freeman / 14 mins