Best of 2021

Our favourite pieces from the last year of UnHerd

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He was never really ‘Phil the Greek’

BY Aris Roussinos / 10 mins

The narcissistic fall of France

BY Michel Houellebecq / 5 mins

Inside the Austrian lockdown

BY Freddie Sayers / 6 mins

How not to talk to a science denier

BY Tom Chivers / 7 mins

The Godfather of Critical Race Theory

BY Tomiwa Owolade / 6 mins

The West has lost its virtue

BY Paul Kingsnorth / 7 mins

Designated Criminal

BY David Mamet / 9 mins

Inside the Covid ward

BY Jane Smith / 6 mins

Britain needs a cigarette

BY David Hockney / 3 mins

Tribalism has come to the West

BY Ayaan Hirsi Ali / 5 mins

Why are women becoming witches?

BY Suzannah Lipscomb / 9 mins

Life on the Cornish breadline

BY Tanya Gold / 7 mins

What Oxford taught me about posh people

BY James Rebanks / 6 mins

How science has been corrupted

BY Matthew Crawford / 17 mins