Best of 2019

Our favourite pieces from the last year of UnHerd

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How my daughter disrupted my politics

BY Ian Birrell / 5 mins

The EU is flunking its Brexit opportunity

BY Helen Thompson / 7 mins

The Kafkaesque nightmare of British justice

BY Jenny McCartney / 9 mins

Our modern parenting is making monsters

BY Giles Fraser / 4 mins

Is the ‘epidemic of loneliness’ fake news?

BY Tom Chivers / 5 mins

Meghan and Harry are playing a dangerous game

BY Douglas Murray / 5 mins

How I was cancelled by Doctor Who

BY Gareth Roberts / 4 mins

The town that should shame our politicians

BY Paul Embery / 7 mins

Tolkien’s guide to contemporary politics

BY Peter Franklin / 7 mins

How motherhood put an end to my liberalism

BY Mary Harrington / 6 mins

How Africa is converting China

BY Christopher Rhodes / 6 mins

The inescapable misogyny of modern life

BY Tanya Gold / 5 mins

Brexit has exposed our education apartheid

BY Matthew Goodwin / 5 mins

How I learned the Tories weren’t evil

BY Polly Mackenzie / 4 mins