Believers in Trump

Why did 80% of white evangelicals vote for Donald Trump?

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What’s more powerful than Trump?

BY Justin Webb / 5 mins

How long can Trump hang on to the evangelicals?

BY Frances FitzGerald / 6 mins

The Trump temptation that Evangelicals can’t resist

BY David French / 4 mins

What can we learn from Trump’s Good Books?

BY Allan Mallinson / 5 mins

White evangelicals can’t be reading the same Bible as me. I’m ashamed they voted for Trump.

BY Chine McDonald / 4 mins

Evangelicals felt they were done for if Clinton won. Nothing they valued would be valued any more.

BY Justin Webb / 5 mins

Trump’s moment of mourning is part of a furious political game

BY Douglas Murray / 4 mins

Podcast: Making sense of the evangelical vote for Trump

BY Katie Harrison / < 1 min

Just how ‘religious’ are Trump’s evangelicals?

BY Giles Fraser / 5 mins

Believers in Trump

BY Tim Montgomerie / < 1 min

The path to Trump: how the President won the white evangelical vote

BY Katie Harrison / 5 mins