After 9/11

Our contributors reflect on how 9/11 changed the world

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How we failed Afghanistan

BY Caroline Fourest / 5 mins

The war on Martin Amis

BY / 6 mins

How bin Laden won

BY Aris Roussinos / 9 mins

A French lesson for Blair and Bush

BY Anne-Elisabeth Moutet / 4 mins

Why Afghan women are fighting back

BY Ayaan Hirsi Ali / 5 mins

How 9/11 created the surveillance state

BY Jacob Siegel / 7 mins

How the neocons got away with it

BY Razib Khan / 6 mins

The theatre of terror

BY Simon Cottee / 6 mins

Washington was gripped by fear

BY Justin Webb / 4 mins

We need to talk about 9/11

BY Lionel Shriver / 6 mins