July 11, 2024 - 6:15pm

→ Tony Blair struggles to define ‘woke’ on Newsnight

Almost as soon as Keir Starmer moved into Number 10, his predecessor-but-six Tony Blair was doling out advice. One of the suggestions was for the PM and the Labour government not to fall prey to wokery, though new Culture Secretary Lisa Nandy quickly rendered Blair’s advice redundant by declaring: “The era of culture wars is over.”

On Newsnight, however, Kirsty Wark pressed the former PM on what he meant by the term “woke”. After some ahs and ums, he said: “I think people know what you mean by it, what I mean by it.”

More erms and uhs: “It’s making sure that on issues that are culturally really sensitive you keep to what I think is a pretty sensible middle ground. I’ve had discussions on the trans issue that have given rise to headlines I never thought I’d see in terms of, you know, biological discussion.” That’s that cleared up, then…

→ The New Yorker takes on the New York Times

Shots have been fired in the war between legacy news outlets, with the New Yorker attacking the New York Times for supposedly policing its Left-wing reporters.

The Times’s willingness to publish content that angers its Left-leaning audience has apparently upset its competitor, which is now digging up the charitable giving receipts of the Times’s executive director, Joe Kahn, to suggest that his wealth and liberal leanings indicate a bias against progressives — an odd inclusion in an otherwise positive profile.

The Times has famously struggled to balance journalistic balance with the demands of its more Left-wing readers and employees, resulting in high-profile public resignations and critical open letters from both sides of the aisle. But it’s also a sign of the increasing divisions within Left-leaning media. Just a few weeks ago, Washington Post reporters even initiated an investigation into their own editor. As election day draws closer, expect to see many more such cases…

→ JFK’s grandson is Vogue’s new political correspondent

Those Kennedys get everywhere. John F. Kennedy’s only grandson, Jack Schlossberg, has been announced as Vogue’s new political correspondent ahead of the upcoming election. According to Vogue, “The new role will see him combine his background in law and business with the self-described ‘silly goose’ tendencies he displays online.”

In an interview with the magazine, silly goose Schlossberg, who has a “towering frame, dark hair, and strong jawline”, claims that “climate change is the most important issue that we need to deal with.” He also admits that “I went to law school super liberal, and I came out of the program with the same thinking — just realising that I was still right but that I had not known what I was talking about before.” The family modesty shining through…