July 5, 2024 - 6:00pm

→ Farage: Suella Braverman won’t be next Tory leader

Nigel Farage has long demurred about becoming leader of the Conservative Party, but who does he think could succeed Rishi Sunak? Speaking today at an event in Westminster to present Reform UK’s four elected MPs, including himself (it has since been confirmed that the party has a fifth Member after a recount in South Basildon and East Thurrock), Farage expressed doubt that fellow immigration-sceptic Suella Braverman would take the poisoned Tory chalice.

When told by a reporter that the former home secretary would welcome him into the Tory fold, Farage said: “Well, Suella Braverman won’t be leader of the Conservative Party, because she won’t make the last two — of that I’m pretty certain.” With several leadership hopefuls losing their seats last night, maybe Suella is in with a chance…

→ Is Joe Biden losing MSNBC?

Over the last week, several Left-leaning newspapers have broken cover by turning against Joe Biden. And now it appears as though MSNBC, America’s foremost liberal news network, is heading in the same direction.

Until this week, Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough was one of Biden’s biggest outriders in the media. He regularly praised the President’s vim and vigour, stating that Biden was “fired up” to take on Trump. But this week, Scarborough’s tone was far more muted, saying that “we’re still there” when discussing whether it was time for Biden to drop out of the race.

It’s not the most emphatic repudiation of the President, but it certainly marks a big turnaround since just a few months ago. Evidently, Sleepy Joe is losing Morning Joe

→ Labour performs poorly with young voters

Despite the happiness of most young voters to see the back of the Conservative Party, they are not overjoyed about Keir Starmer. A new poll shows that Labour has had its worst result with young people since 2010, falling by 16 percentage points since 2019.

Indeed, there was no “youthquake” at all in this election. The Greens improved dramatically on 2019’s results, with 15% of 18-24-year-olds opting for the party. The Tories will be disappointed but hardly surprised at landing 14%. Meanwhile, Reform got 8% of the youth vote. As Eric Kaufman wrote only yesterday in UnHerd, young people are still more often progressive than not despite the Rightward shift we hear so much about. No pleasing this lot…