June 14, 2024 - 3:58pm

→ Could MEI replace DEI?

An AI firm is making waves in Silicon Valley with a groundbreaking innovation: hiring based on merit instead of race.

Rather than DEI, Scale AI is implementing MEI — merit, excellence and intelligence. “We do not unfairly stereotype, tokenize, or otherwise treat anyone as a member of a demographic group rather than as an individual,” its CEO wrote on X.

This announcement joins a string of apparent shifts to the Right in the tech world of late. David Sacks is fundraising for Trump, Mark Zuckerberg is doing MMA and homesteading, and a VC announced a massive donation to Trump in a lengthy X post detailing his “radicalization”. We’re not holding our breath for Google to join the fray. 

→ BBC suggests bots are driving Reform’s popularity

Just as Reform UK overtake the Conservatives as the second most popular party, could Britain be experiencing a shift to the Right? Not so, according to Britain’s state broadcaster. In a lengthy new “investigation”,  the BBC’s disinformation correspondent suggests that much of the support for Reform might not actually be real. Instead, it’s coming from bots.

Here’s what the intrepid reporter discovered: “In total, I found more than 50 profiles that had the hallmarks of inauthentic accounts, posting in support of Reform UK across the different social media sites – although they could still have been genuine”. 50! Nigel Farage must be quaking in his boots…

→ Logan Paul talks aliens with Donald Trump

Donald Trump granted an interview this week to YouTuber-turned-MMA fighter Logan Paul.

The two departed from the usual presidential interview fodder and touched on what Americans really care about: Tom Cruise, AI, Tesla and, most importantly, aliens. The former president said he’s frequently asked about the subject, but he personally doesn’t believe in them.

Ever the diplomat, Trump made concessions to America’s vast alien-believer community, telling Paul that he’s met many “handsome, perfect” pilots — “like beautiful Tom Cruise, but taller” — who say they’ve encountered mysterious objects while flying. He does, however, believe in illegal aliens: “We have plenty of those.”