June 13, 2024 - 5:55pm

→ Conservatives have lost the Torygraph

The Tories’ bad summer keeps getting worse.

According to a new poll, the Conservative Party has become unpopular even among readers of the Telegraph, an outlet that has endorsed the Tories in every election since 1945. Just 20% of Telegraph readers said that they’d vote Conservative, trailing both Labour (36%) and Reform UK (26%).

Labour was the most popular party for all newspaper readers, although it performed worst among Telegraph readers. It’s far from an indication of Leftward drift among the Torygraph crowd, however — its audience was the most likely to support Reform compared to devotees of other outlets. Reformograph just doesn’t have the same ring to it. 

→ X begins hiding ‘likes’ — but anons aren’t happy

X’s new commander-in-chief has made ‘likes’ private, much to the chagrin of its nosy users.

It’s an obvious affront to busybodies who snoop through their enemies’ likes for offensive content, but anonymous accounts have also taken a surprising stance against the move, viewing it as a boost to the bots and spam accounts that hit “like” on otherwise unpopular posts from corporations and the like. Users now have no way of knowing if an account’s engagement is genuine, or astroturfed through an army of fake accounts.

The real victims, of course, are women — the app once provided a window into mens’ inner lives. Is my boyfriend liking e-girls’ selfies? Where does my co-worker stand on the Israel-Palestine conflict? What funny tweets have my friends been liking? Now we have no way to know. 

→ French intellectual mulls Le Pen vote due to Left’s antisemitism

It’s time for the French to reassess the antisemitic reputation of its Marine Le Pen’s National Rally (RN) party, according to a top Jewish intellectual.

Alain Finkielkraut said he may eventually be forced to vote for the RN in response to rising antisemitism in France — a problem he says is related to mass migration. “The current situation is heartbreaking for French Jews,” he told Le Point.

The controversial intellectual argued that the party, which has antisemitic roots, can’t be marked forever with “the seal of xenophobic infamy”. It’s never too late for a rebrand.