Weekly podcast: Why are so many events and stories under-reported? And is the problem of unbalanced news coverage getting worse?

January 18, 2018


  • Are the stories and events that lead TV news bulletins and which fill the pages of websites and newspapers really the ones that most deserve our attention?
  • Is the under-reporting of certain kinds of stories getting worse as newsrooms shrink; many experienced (and expensive) journalists are made redundant; and because much specialist journalism is migrating behind paywalls?
  • And are viewers, listeners and readers even getting the full picture on issues that, like Brexit and the Trump presidency, are eating up such disproportionate shares of the limited airtime available?

These are the questions we began to tackle in our first weekly podcast of 2018 – reflecting on the Under-Reported series we ran over the festive period and have decided to continue.

We were joined by Jon Steafel, former Deputy Editor of the Daily Mail and a close and wise observer of the media landscape.


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