San Francisco parents: How we took back control of our schools

February 25, 2022
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Public schools in San Francisco sent their students home for 18 months during the pandemic, the longest school closure in the country. While children were falling behind, the city’s elected school board was tasked with handling the re-opening. But, it seemed, they were too busy trying to pander to progressive demands to get children back in the classroom. These initiatives included renaming schools with ‘problematic’ founders and reducing the numbers of Asian students at elite selective schools.

A group of parents, angry with the extended shutdown and dithering meetings, launched a campaign to recall three members of the school board. Last week, they won with a massive majority. This marks the first successful recall in the city in over 100 years.

I sat down with three parent activists, Autumn, Siva and Ann, to discuss why COVID has been such a disaster for San Francisco’s schools.

To hear more about the fightback in San Francisco, read Asra Nomani’s essay on the anti-Asian bias of the diversity and equity policies pushed by the school board.


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