UnHerd Live: Michael Gove on Conservative philosophy

Freddie Sayers asks whether the Conservatives have a big idea

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Freddie Sayers discusses Italian populism with Ralph Schoellhammer

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Flo Read spoke to Peter Seaton about his controversial artwork

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Freddie Sayers speaks to King Charles III's co-author Ian Skelly

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The Russia realist speaks about his recent change of heart

Church sings ‘God save the King’ for the first time

UnHerd filmed a spontaneous — and historic — service at St Anne's Kew yesterday evening

Investigating the mystery of excess deaths

Actuary Stuart McDonald dives into the available data

It’s time for civil disobedience

Thomas Fazi discusses Europe's political tipping point with Freddie Sayers

Wolfgang Streeck: the age of German dominance is over

The economic historian discusses Germany's crisis and the future of Europe

Lionel Shriver: We need to talk about Ezra Miller

The author considers the fall of the actor she helped make famous

His wife’s plea: The case for Julian Assange

Lawyer Stella Moris discusses her husband's liberty and the free internet

Slavoj Žižek: We are addicted to chaos

The philosopher explores our obsession with cancel culture and crisis

David Fuller: What happened to Jordan Peterson?

The Rebel Wisdom founder discusses the psychologist's descent into tribalism

Aella meets Louise Perry: Was the sexual revolution a mistake?

An OnlyFans star speaks to an anti-porn feminist

WHO’s Susan Michie: my politics are my business

Freddie Sayers spoke to the new WHO Nudge Unit chair to discuss the politics of public health

Facebook, Google censor Alex Jones documentary

Flo Read spoke to director Alex Lee Moyer about the suppression of her film

Michael Gove: Kemi Badenoch will be ready on day one

The senior Tory answers the charge that his favourite is too inexperienced

How the West brought economic disaster on itself

Financial analyst Louis Gave unpacks the West's self-made crisis

Roundtable: What does Boris Johnson’s resignation mean?

Claire Fox, Will Lloyd, Aris Roussinos and Freddie Sayers on what happens next

Martin Kulldorff: Lessons from Sweden for the next pandemic

Freddie Sayers live in conversation with the co-author of the Great Barrington Declaration

Crypto CEO: My stand against woke workers

Freddie Sayers speaks to Jesse Powell about a new trend in Silicon Valley

Aris Roussinos: Inside the nationalist militia on Ukraine’s frontline

UnHerd's Foreign Affairs Editor reports from the Donbas

New report reveals extent of Chinese CCTV in the UK

Silkie Carlo talks to Florence Read about Chinese-run surveillance systems

Ex-Georgetown Professor: How today’s thought police really operate

Freddie Sayers speaks to the law scholar who was hounded out of his job for a Tweet

Bret Weinstein: I will be vindicated over Covid

Freddie Sayers challenges the biologist over his controversial pandemic views

Meet the ultra-royalists camping at Buckingham Palace

For some people, the monarchy means a great deal

Rejected from a London university for being Russian

Florence Read meets the student accusing a London university of Russophobia

Prof. David Heymann: is monkeypox the new Covid?

Freddie Sayers discusses the latest outbreak with the senior WHO epidemiologist

Dr. Pavel Podvig: How likely is a nuclear war?

Freddie Sayers discusses the risk of nuclear war with Russia expert Dr. Pavel Podvig

Michael Sandel: Why the elites don’t deserve their status

The Harvard professor of political philosophy makes the case for the end of merit

Russia declares Sweden and Finland “targets” if they join NATO

Freddie Sayers challenges a senior Kremlin spokesperson

Curtis Yarvin: Why America should become a monarchy

Freddie Sayers meets political theorist and provocateur Curtis Yarvin

Study into mRNA vaccine death rates sends ‘danger signals’

A new study reveals disparities in all-cause mortality between mRNA and adenovirus vaccines

Douglas Murray: The gullible Right has fallen for Putin

Freddie Sayers discusses the backlash against Western values with Douglas Murray

Michael Tracey: when does anti-war become pro-Putin?

Freddie Sayers asks the journalist about his controversial reaction to the war

How the war could lead to the break up of Russia

Freddie Sayers meets political scientist Sergej Sumlenny

Inside Shanghai’s Zero Covid Camp

UnHerd gets the world's first tour of the 4,000-strong facility

Sajid Javid: Zero Covid has been a disaster

The Health Secretary sat down with Freddie Sayers to look back at the pandemic

Francis Fukuyama: Can Putin’s war rescue liberalism?

The Stanford Professor explains how the invasion could revitalise the West

Bill Roggio: Who is really winning the war in Ukraine?

The analyst tells Freddie Sayers that the media is giving a misleading picture

Samo Burja: Sanctions will divide civilisation

The Ukraine war is hastening us towards a multipolar world

Discussion: Neo-Nazis in Ukraine

Freddie Sayers and Aris Roussinos evaluate the far-Right militias joining the fight against Russia

Investigating Aleksandr Dugin and the “soul of Russia”

Freddie Sayers speaks to Marlene Laruelle about the far-Right philosopher and Putin's endgame

Leonid Ragozin: How I got Russia wrong

The Russian journalist tells Freddie Sayers why he no longer recognises his homeland

Is the Russian war machine broken?

Freddie Sayers asks RUSI analyst Justin Bronk why the Russian airforce is still grounded

Andreas Umland: The real nuclear threat is not from weapons

Could clashes around nuclear reactors in Ukraine end in another Chernobyl?

San Francisco parents: How we took back control of our schools

Flo Read meets the mothers and fathers who led a historic school board recall

Konstantin Kisin: Did the alternative media get Ukraine wrong?

Freddie Sayers talks to the YouTube host about biases in both directions

Louis Gave: What the Moderna share price reveals about vaccines

The financial markets have been underwhelmed by the data

Glenn Loury: Reject race politics and embrace humanity

Freddie Sayers spoke to the economist about race relations in America

Ottawa trucker: Why we’re not going anywhere

Freddie Sayers investigates the Canadian anti-mandate movement

UnHerd Live: Where does feminism go next?

Julie Bindel, Hadley Freeman and Mary Harrington discuss what's next for women's liberation

Denmark’s state modeller: why we’ve ended all Covid laws

Freddie Sayers spoke to Dr Camilla Holten-Møller about her country's bold decision

Kate Clanchy: my life’s work has been taken away

The writer speaks to Freddie Sayers about teaching, writing, and cancel culture

Israeli vaccine advisor: “We have made mistakes”

Professor Cyrille Cohen talks herd immunity and his pandemic regrets

Dr Steve James: I’d sacrifice my job over vaccine mandates

The NHS consultant who challenged Sajid Javid explains all to Freddie Sayers

Deep data dive: is Omicron the end of the pandemic?

Pieter Streicher makes the case for cautious optimism in South Africa

Wikipedia co-founder: I no longer trust the website I created

Freddie Sayers spoke to Larry Sanger about why he left

Andrew Sullivan: I was right about Donald Trump

Freddie Sayers speaks to the columnist and commentator about the crisis in America

Kathleen Stock: I won’t be silenced

The Sussex University professor resigned after an aggressive campaign of targeted harassment over her views.

Inside Australia’s Covid internment camp

Freddie Sayers spoke to Hayley Hodgson, who has returned from a 14-day detention

Paul Kingsnorth: why I changed sides in the vaccine wars

Freddie Sayers spoke to the writer and philosopher about the widening divide

Who is Éric Zemmour?

We investigate the Right-wing polemicist running for the French presidency

Inside the Austrian lockdown

We visit Vienna to explore the world's first lockdown for the unvaccinated

Asra Nomani: Mama Bears are the future of American politics

How one parent-protester took on Critical Race Theory and won

Dr Raghib Ali: No UK lockdown this Christmas

The doctor tells Freddie Sayers that the UK's Covid outlook isn't so bad

Bjorn Lomborg: 7 myths about climate change

The Danish academic challenges common misconceptions

Steven Pinker: how rational are you really?

The professor spoke about his new book at an UnHerd members event

Ash Sarkar: Left and Right must unite against tech censorship

Freddie Sayers spoke to the Novara editor about her channel's disappearance from YouTube

The retreat of the West is a disaster

The French intellectual on Afghanistan, Brexit and Éric Zemmour

Debate: are Conservatives doomed?

Peter Hitchens, Ed West, Miriam Cates and Matthew Goodwin joined UnHerd in Manchester

Louise Leach: my journey from secular to Orthodox

The former singer tells her story to Freddie Sayers — and it's the opposite to the one you'll see on Netflix

Anders Tegnell: Sweden won the argument on Covid

The state epidemiologist told Freddie Sayers he was right on the key questions

Bari Weiss: there are signs of sanity returning

The writer tells Freddie Sayers why she is optimistic about the future

Richard H. Thaler: on vaccines, ‘nudge’ isn’t enough

Freddie Sayers challenges the Nobel prize winner and 'Nudge' inventor on the impact of his method

Prof. Jay Bhattacharya: I stand by the Great Barrington Declaration

The Stanford professor offers his reflections on the pandemic

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: on refugees we must learn from 2015

The discussion about numbers of Afghan refugees is eerily reminiscent of 2015

Clarissa Ward in Kabul: what the Taliban are really like

CNN's international correspondent talks exclusively to UnHerd from Afghanistan

David Shor: College liberals have hijacked the Democratic party

Freddie Sayers spoke to the political strategist about the failings of the Left

Winston Marshall, Jess de Wahls, Sarah Ditum: free speech in the Arts

The latest UnHerd Live event, hosted by Freddie Sayers

Trump Insider: Chances of 2024 run just got a lot higher

Freddie Sayers spoke to former Trump advisor Jason Miller

Rupert Sheldrake: Science does not tolerate dissent

Freddie Sayers spoke to the biologist about the dogma of scientism

Govt modeller: What our Covid forecasts got wrong

SPI-M member Dr Mike Tildesley considers whether June 21st could have gone ahead

Kemi Badenoch: Britain is the best place in the world to be black

Freddie Sayers spoke to the Equalities Minister about race relations in the UK

Members event: has lockdown changed us forever?

UnHerd contributors joined Freddie Sayers on the "freedom day" that never was...

Jess de Wahls: Cancelled (and un-cancelled) by the Royal Academy

Freddie Sayers spoke to the artist about her fracas with the institution

Richard Dawkins: ‘Scientism’ is a dirty word

The prominent atheist discusses the limits of science and the fate of New Atheism

Sage scientist: Don’t rule out more delays

Susan Michie believes lockdown might not end in July — and facemasks could be here forever

Chris Bickerton: Welcome to the Technopopulist future

The Cambridge professor has identified a new force in democratic politics

Maya Forstater: Legal judgement on trans is a landmark

Freddie Sayers spoke to the former researcher about her court victory

Former press chief: the media was not racist towards Meghan

Ex-director of the Society of Editors Ian Murray speaks out about his resignation

Peter Singer: Despite everything, I’m still a cosmopolitan

The moral philosopher discusses whether his progressive worldview has come back to haunt him

Parent: Why I pulled my daughter out of antiracist school

Freddie Sayers spoke to Andrew Gutmann about his decision

Chloe Valdary: ‘wokeism’ is not a religion

Unlike Original Sin, the sin of Whiteness has no path to redemption

Nicholas Wade: the case for the Covid lab-leak theory

Freddie Sayers spoke to the science writer about his investigation into the origins of Covid-19

Fired Apple employee: a reckoning is underway

Freddie Sayers spoke to the tech engineer about his recent dismissal

Douglas Murray and Yanis Varoufakis: the EU is broken

Two thinkers of Left and Right find common ground in their critique of the bloc

Tiger mum Amy Chua on Asian-American tensions

Freddie Sayers spoke to the best-selling Yale Professor

Mayor Ben Houchen: why Tories are winning the North

Freddie Sayers spoke to Teesside's newly re-elected Conservative mayor

Philosopher Matthew B. Crawford: Science has become corrupted

‘Following the science’ is a phrase that we have heard a lot of this year, but what does it actually mean?

Covid & QAnon at Camelot | Edgelands Ep.1

In the first episode of our new TV series, we talk Covid and QAnon at Camelot Castle

John McWhorter: white people should stand up to anti-racist ideologues

Freddie Sayers spoke to the writer about race relations in America

Church leaders: vaccine passports would be un-Christian

Two of the 1200 signatories of a letter to the PM spoke to Freddie Sayers