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The shadow of Pax Romana

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Special Report from Ukraine: Front line of a frozen conflict

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Meet the strategist who campaigned for today's Supreme Court decision

Retired US general: why I think Putin will go nuclear

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We are living in an age of reductionism

We need to tell the truth about Crimea

Pretending the peninsula will return to Ukraine is dangerous

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CLIP: Philosopher Susan Neiman on the meaning of woke

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The case against the Silicon Valley Bank rescue

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Could microchips stop China invading Taiwan?

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UnHerd debate: Should the West send more military support to Ukraine?

Featuring Peter Hitchens, Konstantin Kisin, Thomas Fazi and Edward Lucas

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Trump's former advisor on the West's mistakes

Who really blew up the Nord Stream 2 pipeline?

Freddie Sayers challenges Jeffrey Sachs on his claim that America was responsible

Louis-Vincent Gave: the truth about China’s reopening

The country has abandoned its signature lockdown policy

San Francisco considers slave reparations at $5 million each

A member of the city's Reparations Committee defends his proposal

Michael Kofman: Is the Ukraine War headed for stalemate?

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Matthew B. Crawford: the perpetual state of emergency

The philosopher explains why states like to embrace endless crises

The scientific case against face masks

The press is once again promoting a measure proved to be ineffective

Coleman Hughes: asking ‘where are you from?’ isn’t racist

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What lessons can we take from the public's treatment of the rapper?

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The Woke Inc. author on why Musk's Twitter takeover is not all it seems

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We are screwed, says the realist foreign policy scholar

Ex-ambassador speaks out: How Qatar funds extremism in the West

Sir John Jenkins lifts the lid on the mysterious Gulf state

Former Russian mercenary: the truth about the Wagner Group

Marat Gabidullin speaks out about the dark inner workings of the military company

China abandons ‘one size fits all’ Covid policy

There are echoes of the Great Barrington Declaration in Beijing's latest plans

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The Israeli thinker makes his case for bringing the movement to the UK

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Canada’s euthanasia laws killed my brother

Flo Read meets Gary Nichols, whose brother died by lethal injection in Canada in June 2019.

Investigating the Florida mRNA vaccine study

Are young men really dying from vaccine-related heart injury?

In search of optimism on Hampstead Heath

Not everyone is depressed at the state of things, as I found out last weekend

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Street artist cancelled for a pro-peace mural

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The Charles III paradox: anti-establishment King?

Freddie Sayers speaks to King Charles III's co-author Ian Skelly

Clint Ehrlich: What I got wrong about Ukraine

The Russia realist speaks about his recent change of heart

Church sings ‘God save the King’ for the first time

UnHerd filmed a spontaneous — and historic — service at St Anne's Kew yesterday evening

Investigating the mystery of excess deaths

Actuary Stuart McDonald dives into the available data

It’s time for civil disobedience

Thomas Fazi discusses Europe's political tipping point with Freddie Sayers

Wolfgang Streeck: the age of German dominance is over

The economic historian discusses Germany's crisis and the future of Europe

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The author considers the fall of the actor she helped make famous

His wife’s plea: The case for Julian Assange

Lawyer Stella Moris discusses her husband's liberty and the free internet

Slavoj Žižek: We are addicted to chaos

The philosopher explores our obsession with cancel culture and crisis

David Fuller: What happened to Jordan Peterson?

The Rebel Wisdom founder discusses the psychologist's descent into tribalism

Aella meets Louise Perry: Was the sexual revolution a mistake?

An OnlyFans star speaks to an anti-porn feminist

WHO’s Susan Michie: my politics are my business

Freddie Sayers spoke to the new WHO Nudge Unit chair to discuss the politics of public health

Lord Frost: “History will judge Boris Johnson kindly”

Only one candidate can win a majority

Facebook, Google censor Alex Jones documentary

Flo Read spoke to director Alex Lee Moyer about the suppression of her film

Michael Gove: Kemi Badenoch will be ready on day one

The senior Tory answers the charge that his favourite is too inexperienced

How the West brought economic disaster on itself

Financial analyst Louis Gave unpacks the West's self-made crisis

Roundtable: What does Boris Johnson’s resignation mean?

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Crypto CEO: My stand against woke workers

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UnHerd's Foreign Affairs Editor reports from the Donbas

New report reveals extent of Chinese CCTV in the UK

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Ex-Georgetown Professor: How today’s thought police really operate

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Bret Weinstein: I will be vindicated over Covid

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Meet the ultra-royalists camping at Buckingham Palace

For some people, the monarchy means a great deal

Rejected from a London university for being Russian

Florence Read meets the student accusing a London university of Russophobia

Prof. David Heymann: is monkeypox the new Covid?

Freddie Sayers discusses the latest outbreak with the senior WHO epidemiologist

Dr. Pavel Podvig: How likely is a nuclear war?

Freddie Sayers discusses the risk of nuclear war with Russia expert Dr. Pavel Podvig

Michael Sandel: Why the elites don’t deserve their status

The Harvard professor of political philosophy makes the case for the end of merit

Russia declares Sweden and Finland “targets” if they join NATO

Freddie Sayers challenges a senior Kremlin spokesperson

Curtis Yarvin: Why America should become a monarchy

Freddie Sayers meets political theorist and provocateur Curtis Yarvin

Study into mRNA vaccine death rates sends ‘danger signals’

A new study reveals disparities in all-cause mortality between mRNA and adenovirus vaccines

Douglas Murray: The gullible Right has fallen for Putin

Freddie Sayers discusses the backlash against Western values with Douglas Murray

Michael Tracey: when does anti-war become pro-Putin?

Freddie Sayers asks the journalist about his controversial reaction to the war