by UnHerd
Monday, 27
April 2020

Will Covid kill neoliberalism?

Freddie Sayers speaks to Thomas Fazi and Julian Jessop
by UnHerd

Earlier this month, Thomas Fazi argued in UnHerd that the Covid crisis exposed the “folly” of applying market-based logic to every domain of human life, saying that it had shattered “practically every shibboleth in the neoliberal bible”.

Economist Julian Jessop directly refuted these claims in 1828, a neoliberal publication, describing Fazi’s shibboleths as a “series of strawmen”. On day 35 of lockdown, both joined Freddie Sayers to debate the future of the ideology in a post-Covid world. Oddly enough, they agreed that in spite of the crisis, it seems likely that neoliberalism is here to stay. Have a watch above (apologies for the patchy sound quality)…

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