by UnHerd
Friday, 21
February 2020
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Where are the cool conservatives?

They have a major image problem, says Ed West in his new book
by UnHerd
The book goes on sale on 17 March

We’re delighted to see UnHerd’s deputy editor Ed West receiving a glowing review in The Critic for his book ‘Small Men on the Wrong Side of History‘.

The book, which goes on sale on 17 March, is about the decline, fall and unlikely return of conservatism in the modern world. Unfortunately, says West, part of the reason for this is that conservatives have an image problem. Read a passage from Snowdon’s review below:

West argues that conservatives have the best pitch but the worst sales people. He cringes at those who agree with him and prefaces his remarks about such issues as ‘cultural Marxism’ and mass immigration with a weary acknowledgement that his ‘low status’ opinions are not entirely at odds with those espoused by Richard Littlejohn, Kelvin MacKenzie, golf club blowhards and Hammer_of_Odin64 in the comment section of the MailOnline. The opposing point of view, by contrast, is held by rock stars, attractive young people, Oxbridge professors, George Clooney and JK Rowling. This is unfortunate, he says, but what if the gammons have a point? 
- Christopher Snowdon, The Critic


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