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by UnHerd Staff
Thursday, 1
June 2023

Ukrainian MP: why victory is the only option

Inna Sovsun on drone attacks, censorship and the future of Crimea
by UnHerd Staff

Inna Sovsun is a Ukrainian MP, deputy leader of the pro-European Golos party, and one of the most eloquent spokespeople for the Ukrainian perspective.

She spoke to UnHerd‘s Freddie Sayers from Kyiv about attacks inside Russian territory, the future of Crimea and political tensions inside Ukraine.

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Emil Castelli
Emil Castelli
3 months ago

Odd interview, especially the introducing this MP as Zalenski’s ‘Opposition. (deputy leader of the pro-European party) The whole thing was like interviewing Rochelle Walenski as Fauci’s opposition, and then asking about how covid and the vax was managed…… I think we would get an interview much like this where we hear that yes – it was all done right. (although obviously it was such a disaster it is almost unparalleled in history.)

You asked the government who are in control if what they are doing is the right thing – and found they believe it is, haha…..(although obviously it is such a disaster it is almost unparalleled in history.)

Remember, this official was the side which most pushed for NATO and EU membership for Ukraine, and thus were really the reason Putin is said to invade, to stop that. She was in-charge of civil issues in the Donbass, and Putin said the treatment of the people of the Donbass was the other reason he had to invade.

Minute 30:25 was my favorite bit:

”It is extremely unfair and unfortunate we have to live through this – We never chose this, We never asked for this” (paraphrased)

Well… go back to the early parts where she says she was one of the group most pushing for NATO and EU membership – and those were the provocation Putin (and a great many like Colonel Macgregor, Scott Ritter, Mercouris) said were exactly what was the reason for the invasion.

Her talk of dissidents now all reversed and now speaking on the official position – her saying the rooting out of the corrupt was successful (in the most corrupt nation in the Eurasian, East Europe, Caucuses, Baltic, Region.), how all the politicians speak ‘As One Voice’….. yes, we noticed…. I would have liked to hear her on the Orthodox Church now…. She says there are no Nationalist Militias, just Ukrainian Military (Azov and the Freedom for Russia Legion and the Russian Volunteer Corps, and I am sure a lot more)

Interesting to listen to and all that – But Believable? About as much as asking Jerry Corbyn or Barnie Sanders if Socialism is the best path and is good.

John Riordan
John Riordan
3 months ago

Excellent interview, and containing some points that have certainly changed my view on the conflict and what would represent an acceptable end to it.