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by UnHerd
Tuesday, 14
April 2020

The week that coronavirus became visible

New data out this morning shows that total deaths in the week ending 3 April were dramatically higher than normal
by UnHerd

New data out this morning from the Office of National Statistics shows that in the week ending 3rd April, the total number of deaths in England and Wales shot up dramatically above the average for the past five years. This represents a much greater increase than the previous week ending March 29th.

Amid all the uncertainty about deaths *from* Covid-19 versus deaths *with* Covid-19, the total number of deaths provides a rude measure of the toll that the epidemic is taking.

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Jan Cunningham
Jan Cunningham
3 years ago

Yes those excess deaths in Week 14 must surely be Covid 19 ones. But Covid deaths in week 15 may well be less and week 16 even less than that. It will be interesting to see how many excess deaths there are then!