by UnHerd
Wednesday, 25
November 2020

Suzanne Moore: ‘I felt absolutely betrayed’

The former Guardian columnist tells her story to Freddie Sayers
by UnHerd
Listen to the podcast version of the interview:

Suzanne Moore is one of the most famous columnists at the Guardian newspaper — or at least she was until she finally left last week, accused by colleagues of being a ‘transphobe’.

For the first time, she talks about her experience to Freddie Sayers — what it felt like to be rounded on how she felt couldn’t stay.

It’s a sobering story of an attempt to shut down freedom of speech at one of the world’s biggest newspapers.

Don’t miss her full essay on UnHerd here.

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  • All through the interview I kept thinking about Melanie Phillip’s experience at The Guardian 30 years ago. Looks like Owen Jones could be cast out of the cult next.

    How about getting them all together for a discussion?

  • Can’t help but feeling how in 3 years time we will have the same interviews from journalists saying they couldn’t write about the nonsense of the covid handling.

    I suspect that because newspapers do not really sell newspapers anymore they get most of their funding from private donors/organisations (she mentions a few here) and hence cannot really go against the idelogy of those funding them. In short, we no longer have an independent media but just gigantic marketing departments that sell their agendas under the disguise of neutrality.

  • I found it interesting to hear her talk about libertarianism and the left. I have seen this same issue with lockdown support where I, as a libertarian left winger am very uncomfortable with the handing over of the opposition to the right libertarians. The left sometimes gets stuck in a certain orthodoxy and cannot show flexibility and are openly hostile to any challenge to it. Libertarianism must never be allowed to be seen only as a right wing philosophy.

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