by UnHerd
Thursday, 4
March 2021

Lord Sumption: civil disobedience has begun

The retired Supreme Court justice believes we have no moral obligation to obey the law
by UnHerd

Jonathan Sumption was once the epitome of the Establishment — a brilliant barrister who represented the Government in the Hutton enquiry, Supreme Court Justice, supporter of the Remain campaign and esteemed historian of the Hundred Years’ War. But then Covid happened.

Over the past year, his unabashed criticism of lockdown policies has turned him into something of a renegade. It is development that mystifies him; as he sees it, his views have always been mainstream liberal, and it is the world around that has changed.

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In the course of our conversation, the retired judge doesn’t hold back. He asserts that it is becoming morally acceptable to ignore Covid regulations, and even warns that a campaign of “civil disobedience” has already begun.

And watch our interaction on Lockdown TV — it was a fascinating conversation.

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June Backhouse
June Backhouse
2 years ago

Now he has capitulated. Taken the jab and says vax passports are the better choice than lockdowns. NEITHER are acceptable and he should be helping us with both! What happened to THE LAW of ENGLAND??