by UnHerd
Friday, 10
April 2020

WATCH: Andrew Adonis on the costs of the lockdown

The Labour peer tells Freddie Sayers that we need a more rational debate
by UnHerd

Freddie Sayers speaks to Lord Adonis about the Government’s response to the coronavirus crisis. Watch above…

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  • One of only two people to block me during the #BREXIT debate – except, if you don’t agree with him/Adonis your opinion is not valid. Very few are interested in the views, usually superficial, of this non-entity Adonis: undoubtedly, the body of a Greek good combined with the brainpower of a wooden rocking horse! The man is consistently clueless and invariably wrong.

  • Do you really think that any of us has any interest in what Lord HS2/EU Adonis has to say? We have heard quite enough from him over the last 15 years, none of it useful. This is not the definition of ‘UnHerd’.

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