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Tuesday, 20
April 2021

Join Bret Weinstein at tonight’s members event

We'll be discussing BLM, the Chauvin trial and tensions in America
by UnHerd


Invitation: Anarchy in Portland
Tuesday, 20 April 2021 at 19:00 (UK Time)
Exclusive to UnHerd Members


Join Freddie Sayers and Bret Weinstein to mark one year since the Portland riots that left the city in disarray. To this day, riots are still taking place across the city, leaving businesses destroyed and buildings burnt down. ‘Anarchy’ may sound like an extreme word, but Portland fits the criteria.

As the result is considered on the Derek Chauvin trial today, we’ll discuss the state of justice what happens next in America.

Bret Weinstein is a theoretical evolutionary Biologist and former professor at Evergreen State College, Washington. In late May 2017, Weinstein was the subject of student protests after he refused to leave the college on a “Day of Absence”, in which white participants were told to stay off campus.

He was subsequently driven out of Evergreen and later formed a part of the “Intellectual Dark Web”, a term his brother Eric coined to describe a group of academics and media personalities who publish outside of mainstream media.

The discussion will be held on Zoom and we’ll be opening up the conversation to your contributions and questions after the panellists have spoken. Spaces are limited, so become a member today and reserve your ticket.

We very much hope to see you there!

If at any time your have any queries or issues, do get in touch by emailing [email protected]

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  • non-memberists
    Back around 1980 I was living on a tiny commune in Oregon with an ‘Earth First!’ guy, a couple organic vegetarians, a student disability SJW, a stoner/drunk tree planter, a minority guy in the marijuana industry, and a couple normals having a gap year in the alternate universe, and me a drifter/street person. So I have been down with the Oregon Proto radicals, and thus have a old person’s interest in what became of what us younger people created, how the Frankenstein has handled himself after he grew up.

    Oh-Well, I hope you members have a good time watching the show (I, being such a non-joiner of anything, am not a member, not because the money, and creeping pay-wall, but just because I have led my life from the outside looking in, so would not be comfortable with that “MEMBER” logo above my name; Like how I refused to wear the mask, I guess I always just have to go up the down staircase.)

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