by UnHerd Staff
Thursday, 27
October 2022

John Gray Part I: Revenge of the technocrats

The philosopher takes a deep dive into Britain's uneasy future
by UnHerd Staff

John Gray was the prophet of the post-liberal age, describing global capitalism as a false utopia as early as 1998. In his most recent writing, he has returned to geopolitics, and has described the populist moment, the pandemic, and the growing threat of superpower conflict as existential threats to the liberal, technocratic order.

Amid this chaos, Rishi Sunak — former Goldman Sachs banker — has become Britain’s new prime minister. Has the technocratic order of the 2010s returned? Or has the modern world moved beyond its reach?

John Gray joined UnHerd’s Freddie Sayers in the studio to discuss the political and philosophical state of Britain.

For part two of the interview, click HERE.

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Paul Walsh
Paul Walsh
1 month ago

John Gray seems an interesting chap. At least he seems to understand the problems. I am not sure about proportional representation, but maybe we will end up with something similar.