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Tuesday, 9
March 2021

Is Piers Morgan a ‘wokie’ now?

The GMB host is not practising what he preached
by UnHerd

It has been a difficult day for Piers Morgan, a self-described liberal, who walked off his own show when confronted with an opposing opinion on today’s GMB. In spite of writing an entire book on the importance of free and open discussion, tolerance, and freedom, it seems as though Piers was unable to practice what he preached.

Clearly the GMB host has been on a bit of a journey. When he spoke to Freddie Sayers on an episode of LockdownTV, he admitted that his interviewing style had, at times, been too abrasive. But according to Piers, what distinguished him from the ‘wokies’ was his willingness to always have a debate:

Being liberal doesn’t mean you can’t be passionate and it doesn’t mean that you can’t believe in having furious debate an argument because that’s what I love doing. The difference between me and a wokie is that I don’t think my view is the only one that can be heard and I don’t want anyone cancelled for having a different view to me. I don’t think that my view is so intransigent that actually no other view can be tolerated. It’s the cancel culture accompanying the wokedom which I think is the problem because it doesn’t help the debate.
- Piers Morgan, LockdownTV

Does Piers have some sympathy with the wokies after all?

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  • This could be what journalists like to characterise as “a wake up call”. Another big-name journo bites the dust.
    The all-knowing bods who infest social media forums never tire of the “go woke, go broke” mantra. Yet legions of the woke, using weapons no more deadly than moral one-upmanship combined with the heart-on-the-sleeve sensitivity of a self-regarding do-gooder, are taking more ground by the day.
    Racism, with alarming speed, is gaining the status of number one crime against humanity with ethnic Africans (formerly known as blacks) by far the most important victims and whites the sole (unmitigated) perpetrators.
    In elevating racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia etc to the level of the most important social evils, the generation which preceded the woke millenials have painted themselves into a corner. The woke are able to attack them with a purified version of the moral code they profess to believe in.

  • Grade A journalistic evil that has more than once used his position to cause harm and has done so knowingly. Sooner he disappears the better.

  • “The difference between me and a wokie is that I don’t think my view is the only one that can be heard”
    Given his propensity for talking over people, this simply isn’t true.

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