by UnHerd
Monday, 9
March 2020

From today, we’re trialling comments for members

You can now become a member, for free, and join the discussion
by UnHerd

We often get requests to allow comments beneath our articles and blogposts, so from today we’re trialling it.

All you need to do is join (click HERE) and then you can let us and fellow readers know what you think about the ideas in the articles.

For now it’s only available on Posts (not full length articles) and we’ll see how it goes. Happy commenting!

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  • Find it hard to understand why comments are only being allowed on Posts and not (the generally much more interesting) full length articles. Still, any opportunity to feed back to you is welcome, if long overdue.

  • Hi David, just trying it out on posts to see how it goes. If there’s demand and there’s interesting discussion we’ll open it up to full length pieces too…

  • I have been laughing like a drain about Trevor Philipps being suspended by those moral-high-grounders the Labour Party, for being racist.
    All he did was say that Muslims are different, which Muslims themselves have been saying themselves for centuries. Indeed, so are Catholics different, and many shades of Protestants. Hey, I too am different too – who is going to argue with that ?

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