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by UnHerd Staff
Thursday, 29
June 2023

Edward Blum: The case against affirmative action

Meet the strategist who campaigned for today's Supreme Court decision
by UnHerd Staff

Is it all over for affirmative action? Edward Blum, a 71-year-old conservative legal strategist, has spent decades campaigning against “race-conscious” university admissions policies (also known as positive discrimination) in the United States, which, he has argued, disadvantage high-achieving Asian Americans. And he may finally be on the brink of victory: the US Supreme Court is due to rule on two lawsuits brought by Blum’s organisation, Students for Fair Admission, that could force Harvard and the University of North Carolina to rethink their race-based selection processes.

This week, Blum spoke to UnHerd about his fight for legal justice, his enduring faith in colour-blindness, and the importance of family values and “tiger moms” in educational success. Watch the full video above.

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