by UnHerd
Monday, 20
January 2020

Audio: how bad is Viktor Orban?

Phillip Blond and Peter Franklin take opposing views on the virtues of the Hungarian regime
by UnHerd

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has acquired the reputation in the UK of being a beyond-the-pale nationalist, and epitomising the danger of the current political moment. Is the reputation justified?

In this UnHerd audio debate, Freddie Sayers talks to Peter Franklin and Phillip Blond — both thinkers who would describe themselves as ‘post-liberal’ (in the sense that they believe the current incarnation of Liberalism is no longer working and a new settlement needs to be reached) but who take very different views on the Orban regime.

Have a listen. If you have feedback or ideas for new topics you’d like us to cover, send us an email at [email protected]


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