by UnHerd Staff
Friday, 31
December 2021

2021: Year in review with Aris Roussinos and Mary Harrington

UnHerd's contributors look back at a tumultuous year
by UnHerd Staff

The year began with riots in Capitol Hill in Washington and the removal of Donald Trump from social media; in March Meghan and Harry gave their interview to Oprah from a Los Angeles mansion, and in April Prince Phillip passed away; Western troops departed Afghanistan, leaving chaotic scenes in the capital Kabul; Maya Forstater was judged by the courts to be legally entitled to her gender critical viewpoints — and Kathleen Stock was forced out of Sussex University; bitcoin became formal tender in its first nation state; and Covid dominated public policy for the second year running.

Freddie Sayers is joined by Aris Roussinos and Mary Harrington to look back on a tumultuous and consequential year.

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  • UNHERD 2021 in retrospect
    1) ‘The Great Selfie Riot’. (where the protestors went into Congress, stayed between the ropes, took selfies, and left) Aris thinks it was a coup without leadership, goals, or means…but still coupish. Freddy thinks it was irrational Exuberance from anti-Biden crowd. Mary thinks it was a Reverse-Putsch from the Social Media Moguls and Dems, and their militants who fallow them, by hysterical over response. (Locking down the Capital and the political trials and media panic and mud slinging – And de-platforming Trump across the board.)

    2) ‘Harry+Megan+Opra’ ‘The Class and Nobility of the Queen and the Monarchy, and the other of that from Megan’. Aris thinks it is the little, fast, quick breeding rodents taking over from the Dinosaurs. Mary and Freddy find it sad, squalid, but see the direction having some inevitability.

    3) ‘Afghanistan:’ USA troops, (on orders) walked out, the Taliban walked in. Mary sees it as the end of the Glorious Myth of the West, and its NGO industry, of freeing and enlightening bound and unenlightened lands. “A Gigantic Con”. Freddy recons she is right – the myth is over, and now it is done, no one really cares and Left and Right have moved on. Aris feels Biden is doing OK, and is a ‘Good Manager’, and also points out is the Liberals forcing Western Sex Creed on the locals was the thing which doomed it to fail. (I posted this many times, from my background there) Freddy and Aris agree we need to be engaged with the Taliban – which is 100% True.

    4) Gender/Trans. Mary – ‘Diversity Scam, Gender Critical Movement are now taking their fight to capturing institutions as they cannot win in popular discourse’. Aris thinks it nonsense. Freddy and Mary lots of Centrist thinking, although with many,’ Yes…, But….’ and the odd ‘Post-Democracy’ reference.

    5) Bit Coin: Aris not against authoritarian state, (if it is on his side, which he suspects it will be). Basically the three do not understand Block-Chain and Crypto. Mary asks the good question if dispersed finance takes over from National finance – will the modern world work, as the Nation States all function under $ Reserve Currency and Central Banks for the ships to sail, the mines to dig, and the economies of goods and services to work.

    6) Covid. Freddy ‘Chilling’ how the majority of Austria and Australia citizens are happy to lock up a large minority for basically ‘Disobedience’. Mary – the attitude is: covid is a disease of social intimacy – and the cure is regulating and stopping that. Aris finds the State handled it competently, agrees with the response, feels valuable lessons learned. (I believe this this covid response been the greatest violation of freedom and human rights I have ever seen – and Nuremberg Trials need to come next – that all the pro mandate people have committed horrible crimes, and will lead to the collapse of the Global Economy into great depression, and this was intentional) Two were against, amazed one was for. Freddy points out how little power the states have as they were compelled to all go along with WHO and the big powers. Every Nation (excepting Sweden) were shown to be sheep herded by the unknown Shepherd.

    Rating? Mary is the brightest, and I also think sees so much more under the surface than the other two – Centrist overall, but maybe too worldly. Freddy – Centrist and Calm. More interviewer than participant – most of his thoughts given to get the others to respond. Aris – Wow, maybe he has seen too much as a War Reporter, but wants order at all costs – That order is the desired state of man, even though that must be imposed as people are naturally disordered.

    Typed as I watched – as it was a bit slow – need more conspiracy loons – as 2021 was made for them. Fireworks are going off all around, happy New Year, all you sheep.

  • There is something about Mary…she’s marvellous. Hands down my favourite UnHerd contributor. I always learn something new to add to my own perspective. Freddie is great, too. What a pleasant human being. With Aris, I always expect him to come up with a brilliant take, but he’s been letting me down so far.

  • Megan’s story is simply that, when she married Prince Harry, she quickly found out that it wasn’t about her, and she was just a bit-player in a Queen-centred drama. But in California, it’s about her, and Harry is a bit-player. That’s all it is. Megan and Harry are irrelevant to the monarchy’s future, which depends on the next two monarchs: Princes Charles and William.

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