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Welcoming Sally Chatterton to UnHerd

I’m looking forward to welcoming Sally Chatterton to UnHerd Towers on Monday as our new Deputy Editor.

Sally has led a distinguished career in British journalism – working in old and new media. Most recently she’s edited the indispensable CapX but previously worked on the OpEd pages of The Daily Telegraph, The Independent (when it was still an actual newspaper) and the Daily Mail.

She’ll be helping me process the contributions of our band of regular columnists, will be commissioning new content and also play a full role in the development of new products, including our forthcoming daily email.

And Sally’s arrival will also mean I’ll have time to start writing much more regularly myself. The aim is for me to be producing two columns per week from the beginning of next month.

See you at 9am on Monday, Sally! I’ll buy extra YumYums from M&S…