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Justin Tang/The Canadian Press/PA Images Roopa Philar, manager at Ottawa restaurant Two Six Ate, makes a cocktail on Saturday, April 11, 2015. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Justin Tang

Next century outrage: Alcohol

‘What commonplace attitudes or practices today would be considered outrageous in 100 years?’

Despite being perfectly acceptable today, within one hundred years it is possible alcohol consumption, as tobacco increasingly becomes today, will no longer be deemed a socially acceptable practice.

With pressure mounting on health services, unhealthy choices such as the consumption of alcohol could be viewed as selfish and draw the growing pressure of society’s criticism.

This, alongside the already existing negative impacts of alcohol such as domestic violence, anti-social behaviour and the costs to business in terms of work productivity and absenteeism could lead to a much larger proportion of the public disapproving of it and shunning those who enjoy a drink.

Legal, safer but equally fulfilling drug alternatives could become the socially more acceptable alternative.

In one hundred years going to a bar with friends for a pint, a glass of wine with a meal or a sip from a hip flask at one’s office desk will possibly no longer be tolerated.