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Welcoming the press to the opening party at CES 2018. (Photo: Nigel Cameron)

“How many times can you say Whoa in four days?”

That’s actually the motto of the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, the Las Vegas technology jamboree that brings together the latest devices, the hottest start-ups, and the smartest analysts. Almost a whole week of Whoa! I’m assuming they aren’t suggesting we should be slowing down – as you do when you say Whoa to a horse here in the still-wild west.

But there’s nothing quite like CES. It’s a trade show, a conference, and the kind of razzle-dazzle that makes Vegas such an ideal location.

Vegas, the 24-hour desert strip once defined by gambling, is now destination city for anyone seeking pretty much any kind of escape from the dismal and the humdrum and the normal. Of course, there’s the gambling; I had to walk through at least 100 yards of slot machines to get out of last night’s event. And the titillation – casual conversation in my shared Uber touched on the whereabouts of $1,000 lapdances. Maybe the hottest thing around is actually the magic. Real magic, if you see what I mean. Hundred-foot high billboards announce the very top shows.

But this week the crowds are pouring into Vegas for the magic of technology. There are around 180,000 people expected, for the greatest show of its kind on earth (including no less than 7,500 from the press).

I’ll be blogging some Whoa! highlights as the week progresses. And yes, sometimes, we may decide it’s time to hold our horses.