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James Bloodworth's new book on life at the bottom in today's Britain.

The most insightful writing (etc) on the forms of poverty that blight our times

Highlights of James Bloodworth's contributions to UnHerd
A stat-and-fact-rich briefing on how ten years of post-crash austerity have impacted different groups in different parts of the world.

A three-part examination of one of the most interesting political uprisings since the crash – the rise of Podemos in Spain. Here’s part one.

Uber’s “extreme capitalism” and what it means for workers.

Who, in UK Labour, has continued to resist Jeremy Corbyn – and why?

James Bloodworth has been an occasional contributor to UnHerd and I’m glad to report that he recently agreed to be a more frequent presence on our pages.

A key reason I’m glad is that in his new and brilliant book – Hired, six months undercover in low-wage Britain – he exposes how powerful employers and landlords mistreat those without much economic or social bargaining power. He’s immersed in the issues of poverty, hopelessness and estrangement that we study under the heading of our “flyover country” theme.

Anyone who joins UnHerd’s email list in the next seven days (please do so via this link – it’s free of charge) will be eligible to win one of 20 copies of James’ important book which we’re giving away – and the subjects of which I discussed with him during a recent podcast.

And also throughout this week – partly to give a little help and attention to James’ book, following its formal publication last Thursday – we’ll be reviewing other key texts on today’s poverty and how it often differs from times gone by. Kick off in the morning comes with Michael Burleigh’s review of Linda Tirado’s Hand to Mouth.

Weekly podcast with author James Bloodworth

The most insightful writing (etc) on the forms of poverty that blight our times

By Tim Montgomerie