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Photo: Stefan Jaitner/dpa

What does Germany’s SPD fear most? AfD or a collapse in the polls?

This latest German election poll shows the anti-migrant populist party AfD overtaking the Social Democrats to become Germany’s second largest party.

The SPD had received its lowest total since the Weimar Republic in last autumn’s election, but its support has cratered since its leadership announced it had reached a deal to participate in another grand coalition with Angela’s Merkel’s CDU-CSU Union.

My immediate reaction to the SPD’s terrible election showing was that the party would not join another GroKo as its future was at stake. It looks like fear of the AfD has overtaken even the party’s instinct for self-preservation. Don’t be surprised if the coalition deal is rejected by the party membership as it votes over the next two weeks on accepting the deal.

Voting has begun.